Tausende Polizisten waren am chinesischen Nationalfeiertag im Einsatz, um die erwarteten Proteste der Demokratiebewegung in Hongkong in Schach zu halten. [617], Reuters conducted polls in December 2019,[618] March 2020,[619] June 2020[620] and August 2020. [412], The police has also repeatedly interfered with the justice process. [450] The IPCC report on police behaviour during the protests released in May 2020 concluded that police has mostly followed the guidelines though there was room for improvement. Tsai's rejection of the principle enabled her to gain support from young voters. [100][101] A peaceful rally was held in Victoria Park by the CHRF on 18 August to denounce police brutality. [466] In response to around 200 complaints received by the Communications Authority, RTHK apologised "to any police officers or others who have been offended" and cancelled Headliner in May 2020, ending its 21-year run. [505][506] Several international corporations and businesses including the National Basketball Association and Activision Blizzard decided to appease China during the protests and faced intense criticisms. Schlepperbericht 2020: Trotz CoV mehr Aufgriffe. Hong Kong: Beijing Threatens Draconian Security Law Governments Should Act Against Harm to Basic Rights Delegates applaud as Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives for … [d][367][368] An off-duty officer accidentally shot and injured a 15-year-old boy in Yuen Long on 4 October 2019 when he was assaulted by protesters who accused him of bumping into people with his car. Die Hongkonger Regierung und Peking verhinderten dies jedoch. As there is no extradition treaty with Taiwan (because the government of China does not recognise Taiwan's sovereignty), the Hong Kong government proposed an amendment to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance (Cap. [523] Ma Ngok, a political scientist, remarked that the failures of the government meant that it "has lost the trust of a whole generation" and predicted that youths would remain angry at both the government and the police for years to come. [687] Former UK consulate employee Simon Cheng was granted asylum in the UK in June 2020. [676][677][678][679] President Donald Trump signed the bill on 27 November, alongside a companion bill restricting US exports of crowd control devices to the Hong Kong police forces. [383][384] Amnesty International stated that police had used "retaliatory violence" against protesters and mistreated and tortured some detainees. [337] According to investigations by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, some attacks were coordinated, state-backed operations that were believed to have been carried out by agents of the Chinese government. [66] Police Commissioner Stephen Lo declared the clashes a "riot".,[67] but they were subsequently criticised for using excessive force, such as firing tear gas at protesters at an approved rally,[68][69] and for the lack of identification numbers on police officers' uniforms. Water cannons, tear gas disperse first Hong Kong protests of 2020 Jan. 1, 2020 00:56. [442] As of December 2019, no officer had been suspended for their actions or charged or prosecuted over protest-related actions. [591] The government claimed that the disqualified candidates had colluded with foreign forces and opposed the new national security law. Carrie Lam evades questions", "China passes Hong Kong security law, deepening fears for future", "Canada suspends extradition treaty with Hong Kong over new security law", "Angering China, Australia suspends extradition treaty with Hong Kong, extends visas", "UK suspends extradition treaty with Hong Kong", "New Zealand suspends Hong Kong extradition treaty over China national security law", "Germany suspends extradition treaty with Hong Kong citing election delay – minister", "HK 'no longer autonomous from China' – Pompeo", "US imposes sanctions on leader Carrie Lam over Hong Kong crackdown", "Britain unveils details of citizenship offer for Hongkongers with BN(O) passports", "Functional constituencies are key in LegCo vote", "HK activists' budget plan is subversion: Beijing", "Hong Kong bans Joshua Wong and 11 other pro-democracy figures from legislative election", "Hong Kong ex-lawmaker withdraws from coordinating democratic primaries after Beijing's criticism", "Hong Kong elections: candidate disqualification faces international criticism", "Mass resignation of Hong Kong opposition lawmakers after Beijing rules on disqualification", "Hong Kong police order arrest of Nathan Law and other exiled activists – state media", "China uses Hong Kong security law against US and UK-based activists", "Hong Kong protests: Carrie Lam says calling 12 detained in Shenzhen 'democracy activists' a bid to distract from wanted status", "Will We See Them Alive Again? Frontline protesters in hong kong; Anlass war ein vorgeschlagenes gesetz über flüchtige straftäter und rechtshilfe in strafsachen. Hongkonger*innen in Hamburg fürchten das Ende der Demokratie in ihrer Heimat – und warnen Deutsche vor den Konsequenzen. Affected officers, their friends and families were subject to death threats and intimidation. [63][64] Carrie Lam insisted second reading and debate over the bill be resumed on 12 June. Once the freest city on Chinese so il and Asia, Hong Kong is at a crossroad s. 2020 was the aftermath of the historic social movement and a watershed moment in the city’s history. Since June 2019, Hong Kong has seen months of non-stop protests and unrest which show no sign of stopping. After the conflict at Chinese University and siege of the Polytechnic University, the unprecedented landslide victory of the pro-democracy camp in the District Council election in November and the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 brought a little respite. Juli 2019 verschafften sich Demonstranten der Demokratiebewegung Zutritt zum Legislativrat Hongkongs und entweihten symbolisch das Parlament. They also reiterated that attending prohibited group gatherings was an illegal act, as was any attempt at unauthorized assembly, adding that such acts also seriously increased the risk of spreading the coronavirus. [510], Lam's administration was criticised for its performance during the protests – her perceived arrogance and obstinacy,[511][49] and her reluctance to engage in dialogue with protesters. 24. Share page. Rifts within society widened and activists from both sides assaulted each other. [216][217], The 2019 Yuen Long attack occurred following a mass protest organised by the CHRF on 21 July. The CHRF claimed attendance of at least 1.7 million people. [70][133] Police use of bean bag rounds and rubber bullets allegedly ruptured the eyes of several protesters and the eye of an Indonesian journalist. Senior Superintendent Steve Li Kwai-Wah, of the police force's National Security Department branch, said Tam is accused of giving anti-government talks at booths he allegedly set up on the street in the Kowloon area. [627] On 22 October 2019, following protests and violence in Catalonia and Chile, the Chinese government accused Western media of hypocrisy for not providing similar coverage and support to those protests. [486] Following the passing of the national security law, The New York Times announced that it would relocate its digital team's office to Seoul, as the law has "unsettled news organisations and created uncertainty about the city's prospects as a hub for journalism in Asia". [470], Journalists have experienced interference and obstruction from the police in their reporting activities. [208][209] In one instance, a female protester suffered severe thigh fractures. As Nov. 3 … ⓘ Proteste in Hongkong 20192020. Jahrestag der Rückgabe an China ist in Hongkong alles anders. The tactics and methods used in Hong Kong inspired other protests in 2019. Mai 2020, wenige Tage vor der Verabschiedung und dem Inkrafttreten des nationalen Sicherheitsgesetzes in Hongkong, die schon zuvor von China vertretene Position, dass die internationale Kritik an Chinas Umgang mit Hongkong eine "Einmischung in innere Angelegenheiten" sei. [518] Distrust toward the government and the lack of police accountability also led to the temporary prevalence of conspiracy theories. Pro-Beijing lawmaker Junius Ho was later seen greeting members of the group, which led to accusations that he approved of the attack. [87] The attack was often seen as the turning point for the movement, as it crippled people's confidence in the police and turned a lot of citizens who were politically neutral or apathetic against the police. [612], Despite the government, the pro-Beijing camp and state media invoking the notion of a "silent majority" who opposed the protests, and urging citizens to cut ties with the "violent protesters", citizens generally favoured the pro-democratic camp and supported the protest movement. Police defended the officer's actions at the Tsuen Wan incident saying that he and his colleague's lives were at risk as a group of protesters was assaulting another officer at the time. [485], Hong Kong's fall by seven places to 80th in the World Press Freedom Index was attributed by Reporters without Borders to the policy of violence against journalists. [534] The police cancelled foot patrols because of fears officers may be attacked,[535] and issued extendable batons to off-duty officers. The United States passed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act on 27 November 2019 in response to the protest movement. Affected by the controversies surrounding the police force's handling of the protests, between June 2019 to February 2020, 446 police officers quit (which was 40 per cent higher than the figure in 2018), and the force only managed to recruit 760 officers (40 per cent lower than the previous year), falling well short of the police force's expectations. Dieser Artikel beschreibt ein aktuelles Ereignis. Der Aktivist war im Juli 2020 vor dem umstrittenen chinesischen Sicherheitsgesetz nach London geflohen. Das neue "Sicherheitsgesetz" hat auch starke Auswirkungen auf die Meinungsfreiheit im Netz. [347][348][349] Police were found to have been using tear gas as an offensive weapon,[350] firing it indoors inside a railway station,[350] using expired tear gas, which could release toxic gases upon combustion,[351] and firing canisters from high-rise buildings. [625] These allegations were rejected by Hong Kong pro-democrats,[626] and CNN noted that China had a record of blaming foreign forces for causing domestic unrest. [178] Unfazed by the national security law, more than 600,000 people cast their votes in the bloc's historic first primaries in mid July 2020. ", "West is paying the price for supporting Hong Kong riots, Chinese state media says", "China accuses West of 'hypocrisy' over Hong Kong amid unrest in Spain, Chile", "Why China went on a global media blitz over the Hong Kong protests – and why it probably won't work", "China's leaders praise Hong Kong's Carrie Lam over handling of protest crisis, but remind her she has yet to quell violence", "Extremist mobs? [385][386][387][388] The police were accused of using sexual violence on female protesters. [114] Carrie Lam held the first public meeting in Queen Elizabeth Stadium in Wan Chai with 150 members of the public. [219] Protesters were also attacked with fireworks in Tin Shui Wai on 31 July,[220] and then attacked by knife-wielding men in Tsuen Wan[221] and suspected "Fujianese" gang members wielding long poles in North Point on 5 August, though they fought back against the attackers. [16][437] Lawyers pointed out that police inaction, such as shutting the gates of the nearby police stations during the Yuen Long attacks might constitute misconduct in public office,[438] [163] On 27 May at least 396 people were arrested during a day-long protest; most of the arrested were taken into custody even before any protest actions had begun. Hongkong-Proteste Der Widerstand ist neu entfacht Stand: 09.06.2020 09:14 Uhr Nun ist der Protest erneut entfacht - Beobachter erwarten heißen Protest-Sommer. Hong Kong braced on Sunday for its first protests since Beijing's controversial plan to directly impose national security laws on the city, in what could provide a … Some are deciding it's time to leave", "Hundreds of police quit force during protests", "Hong Kong protests: police stop regular foot patrols due to staff crunch and risk of being attacked", "Hong Kong's police describe their side of the protests", "Hong Kong journalism groups accuse police of assaulting reporters and photographers during extradition bill clashes in Mong Kok", "Hong Kong social workers complain of mistreatment by riot police", "Social worker jailed one year for obstructing police", "On the frontlines: the Hong Kong public hospital doctors making a stand against police violence", "As violence and vandalism escalate in Hong Kong, some protest supporters have had enough", "Mainlanders in Hong Kong worry as anti-China sentiment swells", "Family politics: How Hong Kong protests affect the home dynamic", "New research shows vast majority of Hong Kong protesters support more radical tactics", "Hong Kong advertising workers down tools to promote anti-government protest movement instead", "Hong Kong's Civil Servants Protest Against Their Own Government", "Financial workers stage flash mob, vow to join Monday strike", "More than 22,000 march in teachers' rally supporting Hong Kong's young protesters, organisers say", "Public hospital staff hold protests over police 'abuse of power, "Thousands rally in solidarity with detained protesters ahead of Lunar New Year", "More than 2 million Hongkongers show signs of PTSD, study finds", "Hong Kong PTSD level 'like warzones', study finds", "Hong Kong protest violence is leading to mental health catastrophe", "Mental health crisis looms after seven months of Hong Kong protests", "PTSD and protests: How the violence on Hong Kong's streets impacts mental health", "Mental health burden of Hong Kong protests highlights risks of social unrest", "Hong Kong protest: Flowers pile up for protester who fell to his death at Pacific Place", "Third suicide by an anti-extradition protestor in Hong Kong sparks alarm bells", "Police national security hotline will rip HK apart", "Top foreign diplomats express serious concerns about Hong Kong government's extradition proposal at Legislative Council", "No reason to pull extradition bill, says Chief Exec. [35] Citizens began to fear the loss of the "high degree of autonomy" as provided for in the Hong Kong Basic Law, as the government of the People's Republic of China appeared to be increasingly and overtly interfering with Hong Kong's affairs. [517] Lam's behaviour on this and later occasions strengthened the perception among a broad part of the protesters and their supporters that she was not able to make any crucial decision without instructions from the Beijing government, effectively serving as its puppet. [533] The lack of any prosecutions against officers, and the absence of independent police oversight, sparked fears that the police could not be held accountable for their actions and that they were immune to any legal consequences.[346]. ", "Hong Kong being dragged down 'path of no return' says Carrie Lam, as she calls protests an attack on Beijing's sovereignty", "Exclusive: 'If I have a choice, the first thing is to quit' – Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam – transcript", "Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam responds to audio recording where she discusses quitting", "Hong Kong's Carrie Lam: 'I am no puppet of Beijing, "Protests, Politics and Challenges to Hong Kong's Rule of Law", "Hong Kong judge removed from protest-related cases after expressing sympathy with attacker", "Hong Kong Police Strain Under Pressure to Solve Political Crisis", "From 'Asia's finest' to 'black dogs': Hong Kong police under pressure", "Why the Mutually Assured Destruction Rhetoric in Hong Kong Is Dangerous", "Protests, clashes and lack of trust: the new normal for Hong Kong", "From 'Asia's finest' to 'public enemy no.1,' Hong Kong's police force are in a paralysed state of confusion", "Police luster fades, sinks to seven-year low", "Hong Kong's ranking in global law and order index plunges from fifth place to 82nd on the heels of last year's unrest", "Our research in Hong Kong reveals what people really think of the protesters – and the police", "From Asia's Finest to Hong Kong's Most Hated", "Hong Kong police issue extendable batons to off-duty officers, but critics concerned over potential for abuse", "Hong Kong's violent protests show no sign of stopping. [652] In May, China announced that the NPCSC, China's rubber-stamp legislative body, would directly draft a national security law for Hong Kong and skip the local legislation procedures. Drills by the People's Armed Police were observed across the border in Shenzhen in August. [327] Rumours that female protesters were offering "free sex" to their male counterparts were repeated by a senior government member. [358], Several police operations, in particular in Prince Edward station where the Special Tactical Squad (STS) assaulted commuters on a train, were thought by protesters and pro-democrats to have disregarded public safety. This led to concerns that Hong Kong residents and visitors would be exposed to the legal system of mainland China, which citizens believed would undermine Hong Kong's autonomy and infringe on civil liberties. The Hong Kong government then disqualified twelve candidates on 30 July, nearly all of whom were winners from the pro-democratic primaries. [439] Shop owners in Yuen Long have expressed concern after police failed to consult them for evidence even six months after the attack. [280], Starting in August 2019, radical protesters escalated the controversial use of violence and intimidation. [389] A female alleged that she was gang raped inside Tsuen Wan police station, while the police reported that their investigation did not align with her accusation,[390] and later announced plans to arrest her on suspicion of providing false information. He was later removed from handling all protest-related cases. Apart from protests on 1 October—the Chinese National Day—most of the significant events of the 2019–20 Hong Kong protests in October 2020 took place away from the streets, and many of them outside Hong Kong and China. They reported that the guards beat their hands and feet, slapped their face, then forced them to slap themselves after they were taken to a room without security camera during their time in detention. [346] Police officers who felt that their actions were not justified were marginalised. Additionally, Durov further tweeted that some of the DDoS attacks coincided with the protest on 12 June 2019. [690] Following those five years they will be able to apply for indefinite leave to remain in the United Kingdom and, after a further 12 months with settled status, they will be able to apply for British citizenship. [244][245] Protesters had set up pop-up stores that sold cheap protest gadgets,[246] provided undercover clinics for young activists,[247] and crowdfunded to help people in need of medical or legal assistance. Major countries in the West (Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, Germany and New Zealand) suspended its extradition treaty with Hong Kong over the introduction of the national security law. [698][699] On 28 November 2020, the British All-party parliamentary group on Hong Kong agreed to nominate Alexandra Wong, commonly known as "Grandma Wong", for the Nobel Peace Prize; Wong had been a frequent sight at the protests before disappearing for an extended period in August 2019. [501] During the airport protests on 12 and 13 August 2019, the Airport Authority cancelled numerous flights, which resulted in an estimated US$76 million loss according to aviation experts. [164], On 30 June, the NPCSC passed the national security law unanimously, without informing the public and the local officials of the content of the law. [204] A reporter was stabbed and a teenager distributing pro-protest leaflets had his abdomen slashed. Suche: Add your article Home Geschichte Geschichte nach räumlicher Zuordnung Geschichte nach Ort Geschichte Hongkongs Proteste in Hongkong 2019/2020. [328] Another rumour was that the CIA was involved in instigating the protests after photographs of Caucasian men taking part in the protests were shared online. Her extended absences, stonewalling performance at press conferences,[512] were all believed to have enabled the protesters to escalate events. [286] Protesters also directed violence towards undercover officers suspected to be agents provocateurs. Demosistō, which had been involved in lobbying for other nations' support, and several pro-independent groups announced that they had decided to disband and cease all operations, fearing that they would be the targets of the new law. Foto: Pia Röpke. [573][571], Lam announced the suspension of the bill on 15 June 2019,[75] and officially apologised to the public on 18 June two days after another massive march. [435], However, the police were accused of applying double standards by showing leniency towards violent counter-protesters. [490] Some restaurants saw their customers cancel bookings, and certain banks and shops were forced to close their doors. [589], According to Reuters, the government contacted eight public relations firms to improve the image of the government in late September 2019, but six of them declined to participate for fear that partnering with the HKSAR government may tarnish their reputation. [525][526][527] In October 2019, a survey conducted by CUHK revealed that more than 50 per cent of respondents were deeply dissatisfied with the police's performance. [643] On 6 October 2019, the PLA issued its first warning to the protesters, who were shining laser lights on the exterior of the PLA garrison in Kowloon Tong. [592], On 19 March 2021, the Macau SAR government announced that any lawmaker in the AL who supports the Hong Kong protests will be disqualified from their positions under the Macau Basic Law. [452] One of the expert panel members, Clifford Stott, said in June 2020 that the police had misjudged the dynamics of the protests and had used disproportionate force at almost all protests, thus creating more disorder than it prevented. Email. Police patrol an area in Hong Kong after protesters assembled on September 6. Proteste gegen Sicherheitsgesetz: In Hongkong ist die Polizei massiv gegen Demonstranten vorgegangen - mit mindestens 300 Festnahmen. [36][35] The general trend of the loss of freedoms in Hong Kong is marked by its steady fall on the Economist Intelligence Unit's Democracy Index. [153][154] Police have used coronavirus laws banning groups of more than four, for example, to disperse protesters. [54], Initially the protesters only demanded the withdrawal of the extradition bill. [582][571] On 5 October 2019, after what Lam referred to as "extreme violence" had taken place, an emergency law from the colonial era was enacted to ban face masks in Hong Kong—without declaring a state of emergency—which sparked criticism from various human rights organisations. [644] On 16 November, soldiers appeared publicly in the streets for the first time during the protests, in plain clothes and unarmed, to clear roadblocks and other debris left during protests alongside local residents, firefighters, and police officers before marching back to the Kowloon Tong barracks. [74] Lam officially apologised to the public on 18 June two days after another massive march, but ignored calls for resign. [532] Fearing Hong Kong was changing into a police state, some citizens actively considered emigration. [632] The protests were mostly censored from Mainland Chinese social media, such as Sina Weibo, though state-owned media and Chinese social media users later condemned the protesters. 2019–2020 Hong Kong protests; This page is a redirect. [576][9] On 4 September 2019, Lam announced that she would formally withdraw the extradition bill, as well as introduce measures such as adding new members to the IPCC, engage in dialogue at the community level, and invite academics to join an "independent review committee" – with no investigative powers – to evaluate Hong Kong's deep-rooted problems. [218] Perpetrators were indiscriminately attacking commuters in the concourse and on the platform of Yuen Long station, as well as inside train compartments, resulting in a widespread backlash from the community. ", "Hong Kong Police Say Protesters Are Shooting Arrows From Universities", "Police enter Poly U after marathon standoff", "Riot police storm Hong Kong Polytechnic University after all-night siege", "Hong Kong Poly U siege a 'humanitarian crisis, "Firefighters confirm reports of 'stampede' incident", "Trashed university in Hong Kong 'will take more than six months to repair, "Hong Kong police lift siege on Polytechnic University after 12 days", "PolyU siege 'will end on Friday'; police seize more than 3,800 petrol bombs", "Protests turn Hong Kong's council elections into referendum on Lam's government", "Hong Kong voters deliver landslide victory for pro-democracy campaigners", "Hong Kong Election Results Give Democracy Backers Big Win", "Hong Kong protesters keep up pressure with mass march", "Organisers say over 1mn took part, condemn police", "How Hong Kong's protests are shaping the response to the coronavirus", "Coronavirus: Hong Kong hospital staff strike to demand closure of China border", "Coronavirus: Hong Kong medical workers vote down plans to extend their strike having earlier escalated their action by occupying key floors of Hospital Authority headquarters", "Hong Kong resists full border closure with China; city reports its first coronavirus death", "Hong Kong: with coronavirus curbed, protests may return", "Hong Kong police are using coronavirus restrictions to clamp down on protesters", "Hong Kong police break up pro-democracy singing protest at mall", "Foreign governments condemn Hong Kong protest arrests", "Man jailed for 4 years over anti-extradition protest outside LegCo", "China's proposed new security law for Hong Kong: joint statement", "China MPs back controversial HK security bill", "China Approves Hong Kong Security Legislation, Defying Trump", "Hong Kong police fire tear gas on biggest protests since coronavirus curbs", "Thousands of Hong Kong police officers mobilised for banned Tiananmen vigils", "Hong Kong national security law: flags, banners, and slogans advocating independence, liberation or revolution now illegal", "Beijing unanimously passes national security law for Hong Kong as Chief Exec. In a Facebook post, the Hong Kong edition of state-run China Daily suggested the protesters would launch a terrorist attack on 11 September 2019, producing as sole evidence a screenshot which it claimed to be from a group chat message on Telegram. Juni 2020 ereignete sich eine Apokalypse: Die Apokalypse von Hongkong. [496] The Hang Seng Index declined by at least 4.8 per cent from 9 June 2019 to late August 2019. [519] The judiciary was also scrutinised after judge Kwok Wai-kin expressed sympathy to a stabber who attacked three people in September 2019 near a Lennon Wall. Lawmakers Nominate Hong Kong Protesters for Nobel Prize", "Hong Kong protester 'Grandma Wong' to be nominated for Nobel Peace Prize after Friday arrest", "China: A New World Order – S1 – Episode 2", How an Extradition Bill Became a Red Line for Hong Kongers, Storming of the Legislative Council Complex, 2020 detainment of Hong Kong residents at sea by China, Controversies of the Hong Kong Police Force, Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times, Memorials for the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, Opening of the Hong Kong International Airport, Director of Immigration v. 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Anlass war ein vorgeschlagenes Gesetz über flüchtige Straftäter und Rechtshilfe in Strafsachen, das u. a. Auslieferungen von Häftlingen an die Volksrepublik China ermöglichen sollte.